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Brother Printer Cover
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Brother Printer Base Brother Printer Ambulance Brother Printer Cover
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Brother Printer Base

Inspired by healthcare professionals, dedicated to patient outcomes

Healthcare providers today face the challenge of improving access to quality patient care while keeping costs down.

To meet your needs of a fully-optimised infrastructure, Brother's comprehensive suite of reliable machines and solutions are designed to deliver greater cost-savings and improved productivity across your organisation.

Optimise your print environment


Brother solutions help ensure your print environment remains cost-efficient and in peak condition around the clock.

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Free up resources and lower printing costs.

Lease & Click
Lease Brother printers at a fixed monthly fee and only pay for the pages you print

Rent Brother devices and only pay a recurring fee for an agreed number of printed pages

Purchase & Click
Purchase a Brother machine and pay for your prints on a 'per print' basis

Brother Toner Management Program
Full warranty coverage, complimentary machine maintenance, on-demand toner replenishments and fixed prices throughout the program.

Brother Web BRAdmin

Brother Web BRAdmin

Day-to day device management tool that allows you to remotely monitor, maintain and troubleshoot your entire fleet of Brother machines.

Cerner and Meditech compatibility

Cerner and Meditech compatibility

Our machines are compatible with Meditech and have been certified to integrate with Cerner Corporation applications.

Customisable paper and sorting accessories

Customisable paper and sorting accessories

Increase paper capacity or automatically collate print jobs with optional paper trays, tower trays and sorter attachments.

Retrieve patient information with barcode labels created with Brother wristband printers.

Digitise your paper-based records


Traditional paper-intensive medical records systems that exist in healthcare organisations can create more problems in an already high-stakes environment.

Paper-based storage systems take up valuable hospital space, are costly to maintain and difficult to audit.

In addition, these records are prone to human errors and security risks, and impede the smooth flow of vital patient information.

Improve overall patient care with efficient storage and timely retrieval of digitised patient records.

Affordable Brother imaging devices will seamlessly digitise your existing records while yielding cost savings for your healthcare organisation.

Our professional high-speed scanners and Multi-Function Centres are equipped to scan high volumes of mixed-sized documents such as IDs, insurance cards, labels and medical documents.

Advance your healthcare environment into the digital age with Brother today.

Maximise your data security


Enterprise-level security features prevent unauthorised machine usage, unauthorised access to confidential patient information, or prescription tampering.

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)

Internet Protocol Security (IPsec)

Built-in Industry-standard protocol that encrypts sensitive patient information against interception and theft when they are sent for print.

NFC card reader

NFC card reader

Prevent unauthorised access and track individual usage. Simply tap your NFC card to securely access the machine without the need to enter a PIN.

Secure Function Lock

Secure Function Lock

Restrict authorised users or groups to specific functions of the printer such as colour or mono printing, setting page limits, scanning features and more.

Secure Print & Secure Print+

Secure Print & Secure Print+

Ensure documents sent for print remain stored in the printer's memory until a password is entered on the printer. With Secure Print+, simply tap your NFC card to release the print job.

Anti-tampering print features

Anti-tampering print features

Support printing of special characters generated by the EMR system as well as customised watermarks in repeating diagonal patterns in order to prevent modification to important prescription details.

Customisable micro-print font

Customisable micro-print font

Anti-counterfeiting solution that prints custom micro message that is only visible under a 5x loupe and becomes unreadable when copied.


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Allow paramedics to print patient reports on-the-go

  • Compact, portable printer with optional battery for mobile operation
  • Prints documents in various sizes of up to A4 to suit your healthcare environment's criteria
  • Thermal printing without the need for ink supplies

Our recommendation:
Mobile Thermal Printer PJ-763MFI


High-volume printing of registration forms

  • High-speed, high-volume printer with Wireless connectivity
  • Reduce paper refill frequency with 4 additional paper trays

Our recommendation:
Mono Laser Printer HL-L6400DW

Optional accessories

  • Document sorter MX-4000
  • Tower tray TT-4000

Printing of patient records

  • Quiet, compact printer suitable for small spaces
  • Speed up registration processes with fast print speeds

Our recommendation:
Mono Laser Printers HL-L5100DN, HL-L2370DN, HL-L2375DW


Printing of custom patient ID labels

  • Easily retrieve patient information with barcode labels
  • Compatible with Hospital Information System

Our recommendation:
Label Printer QL-820NWB


Copying of Identification Card to register new patients

  • Heavy-duty, robust all-in-one printer with Wireless connectivity
  • Cut patient waiting times with fast scan and print speeds

Our recommendation:
Mono Laser Multi-Function Centres MFC-L6900DW, MFC-L5900DW


Label printing for laboratory tubes and bottles (blood tests, specimen samples)

  • High-speed, professional label printer with Wireless connectivity
  • Prints in black or red colour
  • Convenient drop-in rolls - no ink or toner needed

Our recommendation:
Label Printer QL-820NWB


Printing and scanning of laboratory results

  • User-friendly, dependable MFC with wireless connectivity
  • Fast print and scan speeds
  • Flexible paper handling capabilities

Our recommendation:
Colour Laser Multi-Function Centre MFC-L8900CDW


Patient identification wristband printing

  • Compact, portable label printer for on-the-go usage
  • Optional Li-ion battery, WLAN or Bluetooth interface, and touch panel display
  • Compatible with Hospital Information System

Our recommendation:
Wristband Printer TD-2130N


Printing of forms, charts and images of patient's condition

  • Efficient and reliable printer with Network connectivity
  • Fast print speeds with professional photo print quality
  • Compact size for small spaces

Our recommendation:
DCP-T310 Ink Tank Printer


Label printing for medicine bags and bottles

  • High-speed network label printer with Wireless connectivity
  • Flexible cutting capability
  • Easy integration with existing pharmacy system

Our recommendation:
Label Printer QL-820NWB


Printing and scanning of patient medication instructions

  • Fast, quiet and compact MFC for printer sharing
  • Flexible handling of various paper sizes and weights

Our recommendation:
Mono Laser Multi-Function Centres MFC-L2750DW, MFC-L2770DW, MFC-L2715DW, DCP-L2550DW, MFC-L5700DN


Scanning of patient medical records for archiving

  • Powerful scanner with advanced paper handling
  • Quick scans of 2-sided multi-page documents in a single pass
  • Large capacity Auto Document Feeder for effortless high-volume scanning

Our recommendation:
Desktop Scanners ADS-3600W, ADS-3000N, PDS-6000, PDS-5000


Printing of receipts, discharge forms and insurance documents for inpatient discharge

  • Robust, high-speed printer with auto 2-sided printing
  • Generate high-quality business documents
  • Adjustable multi-purpose tray to print on envelopes and A5 invoices

Our recommendation:
Mono Laser Printer HL-L5100DN

Optional accessories

  • Optional lower tray LT-5500 or 6500 for different print media requirements

Real-time, fleet-wide management across the entire organisation


  • Centrally manage your machines across all departments from one location
  • Gain visibility over which machines are low on supplies or encountering errors

Comprehensive and cost-effective printing package

Brother Toner Management Program

  • Supply purchase agreement with one-stop services
  • Covers the entire printing environment from toner supplies to device maintenance
  • Fully optimised inventory with on-demand toner resupplies when running low

Free up resources and lower print expenses

  • Lease & Click: Lease the latest Brother printers at a fixed monthly fee
  • All-in-Click: Rent the device with no capital investment. Simply pay a recurring fee for an agreed number of printed pages
  • Purchase & Click: Purchase the machine and pay on a 'per print' basis without the need to manage printing supplies

Customised solutions for your healthcare organisation's unique needs

Brother Special Solutions Customisation

  • Brother experts work closely with you to modify features and integrate with software solutions to meet your organisation's needs
  • Design pre-configured solutions that are fully optimised for your work environment

Print building plans and electrical layouts for maintenance

  • Up to A3 automatic 2-sided colour print
  • Fast print speeds with high resolution printing
  • Cost efficient and durable machine with Network connectivity

Our recommendation:
Colour Inkjet Multi-Function Centre MFC-T4500DW


Printing asset labels to keep track of medical equipment and their last calibration

  • Chemical, water and temperature resistant labels
  • Multiple colours of TZe tapes for easy organisation of equipment

Our recommendation:
Label Printer PT-P950NW

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